Welcome! (~7 billion) people live on this planet - an incredible number. To make this number a little more understandable imagine our world would be a village of 100 people... How would our world look like? Where do the people who live in that village come from? What languages ​​do they speak? how do they live and how will they live in the future?

A youth exchange

Based on the idea of the concept “if the world was a village of 100 people...“, the plan is to organise a youth exchange with 100 young people in the youth training center Hirschluch (www.hirschluch.de) in July 2013. They will meet for 12 days of workshops, creativity, performances, art etc. to prepare themselves for a circus show on the global village topic. The performance will be done in Hirschluch with the final show being held in Berlin. The workshops will be run by experts supported by the youth workers who will also co-ordinate and facilitate discussion groups, team building activities and will be responsible for co-ordinating parts of the programme.